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Name:Vladimir Dracula
Birthdate:Feb 6
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:Young Dracula Wiki Page
Vladimir "Vlad" Dracula is the Count's "son and heir" and it is around him, mainly, that the series revolves. Unlike his sister Ingrid, Vlad would much prefer to be a normal child than a vampire, although he does occasionally show elements of his father's wit and ability to manipulate people. He finds friendship with outcasts Robin and Chloe Branaugh as well as his sarcastic stuffed wolf, Zoltan. He is very exasperated by his father's complete ignorance of human life.

Vlad's life is repetitively confusing. His suffering from his identity crisis is consistent (but even more apparent in the second series) because he wants to please his father, but also to be a "normal" child, and he suffers from the pressure on both sides. Vlad continues to "discover" his abilities throughout the second series. In one episode he enters the "Dreamworld", in another he manages to do the "fire-thing", namely producing flames at will, and in a few he uses hypnosis for various reasons. Also during his time in the dreamworld it is discovered he is in fact "the Chosen One", heir to the title of "Grand High Vampire" and one who is going to lead the race out of hiding.

In order to attain their full powers, teenage vampires have to pass exams called 'blood tests'. Although Vlad wanted to fail these so he could almost pass for human, the Count instructed that if he did not pass, he would not be permitted to see his "breather" (human) friends again, and even threatened to "deny all knowledge of his existence". He appears to deny the chance to be the Chosen One, but when the existing Grand High Vampire dies in the penultimate episode, nobody but the true heir can put on his crown through pain of death, and when he tries the crown he gets granted with his full powers. However, the series ends before it is revealed whether he fully recovers from this ordeal or not, and purposefully ends on a cliff-hanger.

Vlad is taken from the CBBC show Young Dracula

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